This module shows how modules can be enhanced by or enhance other modules by using information provided in module .info files (implementation of #328932: Modules and partial dependencies - enhances[] and enhancedby[] field in modules' .info.yml files).

The following are all the supported directives:

dependencies[] = modulename
recommends[] = modulename
suggests[] = modulename
enhances[] = modulename
breaks[] = modulename
conflicts[] = modulename
replaces[] = modulename
supports[] = modulename

This information will most likely be used on the redesigned, so start implementing this now in your own modules!

How to use

It's simple. Add more information to your module info file. For instance, if your module compliments or works great with another module, you would add:

recommends[] = other_module

If your module has a fatal conflict or issue with other module(s), you can also do this:

conflicts[] = other_module | 3294326

The number after the pipe is the issue number of the bug report, so its immediately clear that the WSOD or errors you are getting is from the combination of modules you are using. Module names and issue numbers are automatically linked from the module page to their page.

Any site that has Module Supports enabled will see these added directives.

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