This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This package contains contributed modules that implement the Modal Frame API as a yet another alternative to enhance the usability of common day to day tasks in your Drupal site.

You can use any of these mini-modules as-is, or you can use them as examples on how to implement Modal Frame API in other places, extend other Drupal core or contributed modules, or even as a method to enhance your own custom modules.

If you create a module that uses the Modal Frame API with a feature that is not yet covered, please contribute it by submitting an issue and attaching a tar.gz for each module that you may wish to share with the community. Please, use the proper component for your issue and describe a little what your module does. Thanks for sharing!

Included modules:

  • modalframe_blocks: Opens block settings pages in modal frames.
  • modalframe_dblog: Opens details of watchdog entries managed by the database logging module in modal frames.
  • modalframe_cck_manage_fields: Opens CCK field and group settings forms in modal frames.
  • modalframe_filter_tips: Opens the "More information about formatting options" pages in modal frames.
  • modalframe_input_formats: Opens input format administration forms (including support for Better Formats module) in modal frames.
  • modalframe_locale: Opens string related forms implemented by the translation search interface in modal frames.
  • modalframe_more_help: Opens the "more help" pages in modal frames.
  • modalframe_path: Opens path administration forms in modal frames.
  • modalframe_register: Provides links that open either the login, register, or forgot password form in modal frames (contributed by jghyde, #845218).

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You may also want to check out the Modal Frame CCK Editor module.

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