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This module adds support for the Signup module to MERCI Reservation nodes. It enables users with the permission to request volunteers when creating Reservation to enable Signup. The normal Signup form is altered. Instead of seeing a fieldgroup to enable or disable Signup, users see a single checkbox to Request Volunteers and an additional text area for the user to describe their volunteer needs.

The goal is to streamline the process of requesting volunteers while making a Reservation for a studio or field shoot.

Since most MERCI implementations do not publish Reservation nodes, MERCI Signup includes a setting to publish Reservations when volunteers are requested. Another alternative is using a View (included, but disabled by default) to review unpublished Reservations with volunteer requests and Views Bulk Operations to quickly publish all requests in the queue.

MERCI Signup gives you additional control over how Signup options work with the Reservation content type, but doesn't impact the use of Signup on other content types.

A Calendar View of volunteer requests is also included.


  • Users still need the appropriate Signup permissions.
  • Signup settings must be manually configured on Reservation Content type
  • The field_merci_signup_detail is not added to merci_reservation content type. That will eventually be added on install, but current you must manually create it.
  • Under Signup's Advanced Settings, set Default fieldset behavior for per-node signup form to Expanded
  • MERCI Signup's module weight must be heavier than Signup's weight. Use the Util module to adjust this.

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