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This project implements MercadoPago service for Drupal Commerce

At the moment I have developed two versions. Version 1 (7.x-1.x) was based on the old payment system from Mercado Pago (to be deprecated) and version 2 (7.x-2.x) for the newest API.

Version 7.x-2.x

This is the recommended version. It works fine, and it will not suffer strong changes on the near future. But it requires more testing in order to release it as an stable version.


  • You can set your Mercado Pago Account parameter
  • You can receive IPN notifications from Mercado Pago
  • You can chose between different ways ( Modal window, iframe and new window) to refer costumers to the payment gateway of Mercado Pago
  • You can configure which payment methods are allowed (credit card, visa or bank deposit, etc)

Version 7.x-1.x

This is an old version, it is stable but probably will be deprecated in a short time.


  • You can set your Mercado Pago Account parameter
  • You can receives notifications of accredited payments from Mercado Pago
  • Support for others countries has been added, but needs to be tested.
  • This project is currently used on a production site in Mexico.

Installation and configuration

You can find the manual for installation and configuration for both versions on the documentation page.

Project information