This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


Allows the user to create customized templates for menus (maximum of 3 levels) by editing the 2 main structures: the level's wrapper and the level's structure itself.


  • Each template is directly related to a single menu;
  • The admin user must be aweare of the HTML compatibility between wrapper and template fields;
  • There are 4 tokens to be used as menu-content:
    • !tree: represents where the whole menu tree should be placed;
    • !attributes: automatic Drupal classes like "active"
    • !link: represents where the menu links should be placed;
    • !submenu: if the menu has more than one level, this token will set where the next level should be placed in the HTML. If the next level is triggered by a parent-item, both tokens !link and !submenu should be placed together



    This project has been sponsored by CI&T.


    Just follow the Drupal standard way.

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