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Menu Add/Edit Form: Set menu extras.
Menu Item Add/Edit Form: Set extra content for menu item in the field.
Render Menu: Extra content is rendered with related menu item.

Menu Item Extras provides extra fields for the Menu Items without using additional entities. All fields are placed upon the Menu Item edit/add form and use core Menu link content entity for storing all data.


  • This module use only core modules.


  • Download and enable as normal module;
  • Go to the menus list and edit menu which you want to have the extras.


  • You can enable/disable extras per menu, by default we enable extras for the Main Menu. When extras is disabled, all data from the fields are removed;
  • We added more suggestions for menus in regions. You could change menu template per region.
    • menu--extras--main--header.html.twig
    • menu--extras--main--footer.html.twig


In this version module adds a body field only.
In active development. The main feature will be managing fields, view display and form display as content entity (like node)
Not supported by this module. Check the similar modules:
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