Menu Depth Limit adds a Depth Limit setting to menu edit form.
Menu Depth Limit prevents user from dragging a link beyond configured limit.
Menu Depth Limit prevents user from choosing a parent beyond configured limit.

By default in Drupal, the maximum depth of a menu links tree is fixed to 9.
Menu Depth Limit allows to assign a lower maximum depth to a menu.


Copy the menu_depth_limit folder to your sites/all/modules directory.
Go to admin/build/modules and enable the module.


Go to admin/structure/menu and add/edit a menu.
The new Depth Limit option there allows you to set a value lower than the default 9 for the edited menu.

By design behaviours

  • To avoid any conflict with other contributed modules, Menu Depth Limit acts only at UI level: it will never prevent modules from programmatically creating menu links beyond the configured depth limit.
  • Furthermore, if you assign to an existing menu a depth limit that is lower than the actual depth of the menu, Menu Depth Limit will temporarily ignore your setting, considering the actual depth of the menu as the active depth limit.
    Once you have rearranged your menu links so that actual menu depth respects your setting, it will become the active depth limit.

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