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Link on Menu

Create new content directly where you want them.

This module allows users to create content through links in the menu.
End users are having a hard time linking their new pages from the menu at the desired place, The drop down select box is not user friendly, This module creates an "add content" link below every menu item so it is easy for end users to create a new content at the menu place they want.

The module depends on popups API to work, and that is to make the interface more User-Friendly.

1. Copy menu_add_content folder to your sites/all/modules directory.
2. At Administer -> Site building -> Modules (admin/build/modules) enable the module.
3. Configure the module settings at Administer -> Site configuration -> Menu Add Content Settings (admin/settings/menu_add_content).

This module is developed by Servit Open Source Solutions
and maintained by Rabe'e AbdelWahab

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