This module provides single sign-in and user database integration for MediaWiki as slave of Drupal. It is set up so that users sign in to the Drupal site, and as a result they automatically become logged in to the wiki. User entries are still created in the wiki's user table and are kept up to date on each login with email and real name. This does not include content exchange or wiki parsing, for that, see the Mediawiki module.

The login integration works as follows: when the user signs in to Drupal, an extra cookie is created containing their identity. When the user visits the wiki, the wiki extension sees the cookie, extracts the username, and logs the user in. When the user logs out of the Drupal site, both the special cookie and any of the wiki's session cookies are removed so the user is also signed out of the wiki.

This project maintains the Drupal part of the module and is useless without the associated Mediawiki extension.


This implementation started with the code written by TazzyTazzy (Mitch Schwenk) available on the DCCwiki. The code has changed a fair bit from the original, modifications by Maarten van Dantzich. Support for separate databases is based on Auth_phpBB. There is also some code from Shibboleth_Authentication and Ryan Lane.

The module was ported to Drupal 6 by Antoine Beaupré from, and to Drupal 7 by joseph28.

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