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Media Vimeo Uploader extends Media module functionality on order to give you ability to upload video files to Vimeo video service directly from Drupal UI.

This module doesn't store video in local file system, it uploads video directly to Vimeo server and then insert into database only link to video on Vimeo.


0) Media module version 2.*
1) Download vimeo.php library and place it in libraries folder.
Library should be available at sites/all/libraries/vimeo.php/autoload.php
2) Create Vimeo Application and get upload access from Vimeo support team
3) Generate Vimeo Application token with "edit" and "upload" permissions
4) Configure Drupal settings at admin/config/services/vimeouploader
5) Enable "Vimeo" tab for your file field


Read documentation how to install and configure Media Vimeo Uploader module.

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