Have you ever worked on a multi-language website that needed different media files per
language? Don't you wish Drupal could just allow you to bundle a group of related files and tag
the language they are in?

The Media Translation module allows you to specify a language for the files you upload
through the Media module, then it allows you to bundle files together in translation sets. By itself, this module is an API module to be used by other modules and does not alter the output of media files.

The included submodule Media Translation Display Override will automatically display the correct localized file in a translation set based on the current site language.


The 1.x branch targets version 1.x of the Media module. This branch is mostly in bug fix mode while all new development is occurring on the 2.x branch.

The 2.x branch targets version 2.x of the Media module. This is where all of the current active development will be occurring once Media 2.x reaches a stable release.

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