The Media: thePlatform mpx module (Media:tpMpx) integrates with the Media module to make your mpxPlayers and mpxMedia on available in Drupal as File Entities.

mpxPlayers and mpxMedia are treated like regular Drupal File Entities, except they cannot be created or edited via Drupal: they must always be created/updated from within mpx on and then imported via Media:tpMpx's Sync process.


  • StreamWrapper class for mpxPlayers and mpxMedia
  • Import/Sync all mpxPlayers and mpxMedia from your account on thePlatform mpx into your Drupal Media Library (instantly or scheduled)


  • An administrator (recommended to be a read-only administrator) account on mpx on

Requirements for 7.x-3.x

Requirements for 7.x-2.x

Requirements for 7.x-1.x


1. After installing Media: tpMpx, Enter your mpx account information at Administration > Configuration > Media > Media: thePlatform mpx Settings.
* For the username field, prefix your username with "mpx/". e.g. "mpx/"

2. Upon successful signin, select an Import Account to use for importing mpxPlayers and mpxMedia.

3. Upon setting an Import Account, all mpxPlayers from the mpx Import Account on thePlatform will be imported into the Drupal Media Library. You may view them at Administration > Content > Media* > mpxPlayers.

4. Go to Administration > Content > Media* > mpxMedia:

  • Select the Default mpxPlayer to use for displaying mpxMedia.
  • Click “Sync mpxMedia Now” to import all mpx mpxMedia from the Import Account into your Drupal Media Library.

* For 7.x-1.x, the menu link is Admin > Content > Media.
For 7.x-2.x & 7.x-3.x the menu link is Admin > Content > Files.


Read documentation on usage and additional configuration.

The Media: thePlatform mpx module was built by NorthPoint Solutions and sponsored by thePlatform.

Supporting organizations: 
Initial development
7.x-3.x development and maintenance

Project information