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Recording video on Firefox


The Media Recorder module adds the ability to record video and audio using HTML5 or Flash and save them as file entities, using either the media browser or as a file field widget.

The main difference between this module and the AudioRecorderField module is that the Media Recorder module supports video recording and integrates tightly with the Media module.

Please help get a beta version out!

Updates as of alpha11

  • Adds current getUserMedia constraints... HD recording is now possible.
  • Adds integration with the Media: Kaltura module.
  • Several minor feature and bug fixes.

Note: This update requires any fields using the media recorder widget to have their field widget settings updated to use the new contraints settings. Not doing so will break video recording!


  • Adds a recorder form element & field widget for file fields.
  • Adds a Record tab to the Media Browser.
  • Supports HTML5 audio recording with basic support for flash fallback (Safari 4+/IE 10+).
  • Drush integration for installing all required javascript libraries. Just run drush mrdl in your sites directory.


Browser support

  • Video/Audio (MediaRecorder API): Firefox 25+, Chrome 49+
  • Audio (HTML5): Firefox 25+, Chrome 21+, Opera 18+, Chrome for Android 40+, Firefox for Android 33+, Opera Mobile 24+, Edge (IE).
  • Audio (flash): IE 10+, Safari 4+

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