The Media Nivo Slider module provides Nivo Slider functionality to Media Galleries (http://drupal.org/project/media_gallery). This module provides the ability to take any media gallery and expose it's images as a Nivo Slider slideshow which is contained in a Drupal block. These Nivo Slider blocks allow you to easily add a slideshow to various pages and in various regions of your site.

The Nivo Slider blocks are individually customizable so each of your slideshows can have different transition effects, speeds, etc. In addition, since the Nivo Slider blocks are sourced from a media gallery, the ordering of images in the slideshow can easily be changed by simply re-ordering the media in the gallery. This also allows for strictly curated slideshows and the ability to easily have the same image be a part of multiple slideshows if desired.


  • Media Gallery (7.x-1.0-beta7)
  • Libraries (7.x-1.0)
  • Nivo Slider jQuery Plugin (2.7)


  1. Download and unpack the Media Nivo Slider module into your modules directory.
  2. Download and unpack the module dependencies.
    • Media Gallery Module (7.x-1.0-beta7) http://drupal.org/project/media_gallery - Download the media gallery module and its dependencies and unpack it into you modules directory.
    • Libraries Module (7.x-1.0) http://drupal.org/project/libraries - Download the libraries module and unpack it into your modules directory.
    • Nivo Slider jQuery plugin (2.7) http://nivo.dev7studios.com/ - Download the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin and unpack it to your libraries folder, typically 'sites/all/libraries'. If you have Drush installed on your site you can use the following command to have Drush download and unpack the Nivo Slider plugin for you: 'media-nivo-slider-plugin'
  3. Enable the modules.
    • Visit your site's Administration > Modules page.
    • Enable Media Nivo Slider. This will automatically prompt you to approve enabling all required modules that are not already enabled.

Getting Started:

To get started with the Media Nivo Slider module you'll need to create a media gallery that will be the source of your slider images:

  1. Go to Add content, and create a gallery.
  2. When creating the gallery expand the 'Media Nivo Slider' fieldset and check the box to enable a nivo slider for this gallery.
  3. The gallery will be empty by default, so use the "Add media" link to quickly upload a few images from your computer.
  4. The Nivo Slider will be follow the image ordering of the gallery so you can use drag-and-drop to rearrange the images to your liking.
  5. Go to the Blocks administrative page.
  6. Find and activate the Media Nivo Slider block for your gallery by adding it to a page region.
  7. View the slider by navigating to a page that contains your block!

Note: If you use views rather than media galleries, take a look at the views nivo slider module.

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