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Media Mover is a set of modules which allows website administrators to easily create complex file conversion processes. The core of Media Mover is the media_mover_api module which creates a set of rules allowing multiple modules to interact with a file. Media Mover can take a file emailed to an email account, turn a file attachment into an FLV file, create a new node with the file data, and then save the file on an external file storage system like Amazon's S3 all at once. And that's just the start.

Media Mover 7
Media Mover 7 is now in development. It is based from the 6.2.x codebase with some improvements to the API and code layer. There is no development schedule at this time. Developers who are interested in the module are encouraged to look at the code, however please note that it is absolutely not production ready. You should be ready to post patches in the issue queue if you are using it. Please do not use it unless you are ready to provide patches for your bug reports. Thanks.

What Media Mover does
The media_mover_api module is the handler for Media Mover configurations. It defines four types of behaviors for how modules interact with a file: harvest, process, storage, and complete. A configuration can be made up of multiple modules which define different kinds of harvest, process, storage, and complete behaviors. For example, you can have two different processes that creates high and low bandwidth versions of a video file. Inside of Media Mover, each configuration is distinct, so you can set up as many different kinds of configurations as you like. Media Mover API also offers the opportunity for modules outside of Media Mover to access its functionality. Configurations which harvest from node data (for example, uploaded files) can be automatically run.

What you can do
The core set of Media Mover modules offers lots of options for someone manipulating rich media.

  • get attachments from an email account
  • get attached files from nodes of a specified type
  • get files from previously harvested files
  • get files from CCK filefield and imagefield fields
  • get files from a FTP server, provide file tokens for user authentication as well
  • create a thumbnail from a video file with ffmpeg
  • transcode video files into web friendly (and other) formats
  • compress a file with zip
  • move a file to Amazon's S3 service
  • attach file back to node
  • save file and related data as a node
  • add a file to a CCK filefield or imagefield
  • save a file to YouTube

Additional modules

Media Mover allows administrators to setup multiple configurations that are responsible for different kinds of media handling. Using included modules such as Auto Run administrators can configure transcoding to happen as part of the upload process. Media Mover also runs on Cron, allowing for batch conversion and retrieval from remote sources (email, FTP, etc). Clustering and other distributed computing possibilities are supported at a core level.

Additional Recommended Modules

There is a Doxygen code repository here: If you need support in developing for Media Mover, I'm glad to lend a hand as much as I can.

Contributors, developers and suggestions welcome! I'm very interested in attracting other people to build modules for it, get help with the core API, and start deploying it.


Drupal 6 has been made possible by: anantagati, aaron, ckng, jcmarco, and especially little red wagon

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