Ink Filepicker interface within a media dialor

Ink Filepicker lets you connect your site to over 10 social networks, including Dropbox, Facebook, and Gmail. The free developer package allows up to 500 uploads per month. Additional packages start at US$30/month (see pricing information).

This module adds a Filepicker tab to the media dialog so that you can easily browse images from the Media Selector widget or your WYSIWYG editor. After you have selected your image, you it is copied over to your Files directory so you can still apply Drupal file styles and access control.

The following services are currently supported by Ink Filepicker:

  • Box
  • Upload from Computer (via drag-and-drop)
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • FTP
  • Github
  • Google Drive
  • SkyDrive
  • Picasa
  • Webdav
  • Gmail
  • Image Search
  • Instagram
  • URL
  • Video
  • Webcam


Media (2.x branch)


First make sure that you are running the 2.x branch of Media (media-7.x-2.x). Then install as you would any other Drupal module:

1. Download the module and put it in sites/all/modules or sites/SITENAME/modules
2. Create an account on
3. Go to admin/config/media/filepickerio and enter your Ink Filepicker key and customize the other settings
4. Enable the Ink Filepicker in your media field settings under "Enabled browser plugins"


  • Add support for media multi-select
  • Look into supporting Pick-and-store, which saves media directly to Amazon S3
  • Turn the checkbox list for selecting services into a tabledrag so you can customize the service order


Developed and maintained by Albatross Digital. This module is currently not affiliated with

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