Adds cropping, rotating and scaling to the media module's image embed function. Only available for images local to the server (not for remote images), and only when adding media via CKeditor.


Depends on patch to Media module: #1382150: Ability to alter element created by media_token_to_markup()

Depends on the imgAreaSelect jQuery plugin. It has to be extracted under sites/all/libraries/ and the extracted directory has to be renamed to 'jquery.imgareaselect' so that the resulting folder structure is:


Provides a WYSIWYG module plugin (native only to CKEditor for now) called 'Media crop edit instance', which gives the ability to alter a cropped media instance inserted in the editor via right click contextual menu. This plugin is automatically enabled for all text formats with CKEditor profile when you enable this module or when you enable an other module while 'Media crop' is already enabled.

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