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This modules provides actions (as defined by the Actions module) to help manage media files. Currently, it implements storing video files from CCK nodes on (uploading, updating and deleting the file).

Drupal 6 Status: we are waiting for CCK and emfield to work properly in Drupal 6 before finishing the port of Media Actions to D6. In the meantime, we started porting Media Actions to Actions 2.0, which is a backport of Drupal 6 actions into Drupal 5. You may want to try that; it is not fully tested yet. Get it from CVS HEAD.

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To use these actions, you need to create a CCK node type with two fields: one Video file field (provided by the CCK mediafield module), and one Embedded Video field (provided by the CCK emfield module).

Then, create and configure the Media Actions; you need to put your Video file field name as the Local Video Field Name, and your Embedded Video field name as the Embedded Video field.

When creating a node, the user should enter a filename in the Video file field. The file will be uploaded as usual on your Drupal server, but then, the media action will upload this file to blip, delete the local file and modify the Embedded Video field to point to the newly created blip video.

Since the Embedded Video field is not filled in by the user when he creates a node, you can hide it using the Formfilter module.

Use ConTemplate to modify the node view so that the Video file field is not displayed, only showing the Embedded Video field.

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