Modern base theme

Mbase is Modern base theme for drupal 7 & 8. It's based on twitter bootstrap framework. Developed to make themers life easier. Themers can create quick layout, child themes are easily color-able, animate-able, iconize-able. It is based on Bootstrap, Font awesome, Google fonts.

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Because of bootstrap based, It depends on jquery 1.9+, use jquery Update module. Drupal 8 do not have any dependency.

Online Child theme Generator

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Drupal 8.x-1.1 Features (Upgrade now)

  • Convert any region into Bootstrap component. Example : You can convert Sidebar left region to bootstrap modal region. Block titles of each block enabled for this region will appear as buttons and clicking them will open the block as bootstrap modal.
  • There are list of bootstrap plugins that a drupal region can be changed to :
    1. Bootstrap Panel
    2. Bootstrap Jumbotron
    3. Bootstrap Timeline
    4. Bootstrap List Groups
    5. Bootstrap Modal
    6. Bootstrap Nav Tabs
    7. Bootstrap Carousel
    8. Bootstrap Accordion
    9. Bootstrap Popover


  • Create child theme in minutes using drag and drop tool
  • Bootstrap based responsive
  • Icons(font awesome) and more features

Mbase Child Themes


  • Add quick and complex animation, without coding
  • Re Color-able with color module
  • Performance optimization
  • Test all form elements
  • Exportable settings
  • Less and scss
  • Drupal 8 theme for admin pages
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