Marketo Marketing Automation Software

Adds Marketo marketing automation tracking capability to your website as well as the ability to capture lead data during user registration and form submission.


  • Adds Munchkin tracking code to pages (include/exclude filters available for both paths and roles)
  • Capture lead data using Marketo's Munchkin javascript or API integrations
  • API based lead capture can be configured to be synchronous or asynchronous (captured data sent during cron execution).
  • Capture leads during user creation, update, and/or login
    • Ability to specify which user actions trigger lead capture
    • Specify how user profile fields should map to Marketo fields

7.x Features

  • Fully integrated with Webform
    • Custom LeadSource per webform
    • Map webform components to Marketo fields
  • Rules integration
  • Drush support
    • View lead details
    • View lead activity
  • Marketo MA uses the Marketo REST API as of 7.x-2.x, previous versions used the SOAP API.
  • 8.x Features

  • Contact form (with contact_storage) integration
  • Support and Contribute

    The main repository is on github, mirrored here for convenience. Pull requests on github are preferred for bug fixes and feature additions, since automated tests are run.

    Project information