Marketo Marketing Automation Software

Adds Marketo marketing automation tracking capability to your website as well as the ability to capture lead data during user registration and via webform integration.


  • Adds Munchkin tracking code to pages (include/exclude filters available for both paths and roles)
  • Capture lead data using Munchkin or SOAP APIs
  • SOAP API can be configured to be synchronous or asynchronous (captured data sent during cron execution).
  • Marketo fields retrieved directly from your Marketo instance
  • Webform integration
    • Custom LeadSource per webform
    • Map webform components to Marketo fields
  • Rules integration
  • Capture leads during user creation, update, and/or login
    • Ability to specify which user actions trigger lead capture
    • Specify how user profile fields should map to Marketo fields
  • Drush support
    • View lead details
    • View lead activity

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