mappy 7.x-1.6

Bug fixes

Changes since 7.x-1.5:
Issue #2527342 — use Drupal.settings.basePath in mappy.js
Issue #2545244 — No bubbles in yandex maps
Issue #2610268 — Not show balloons in Chrome\Chromium
Issue #2412971 — Several maps from one tag!
Added support for HTTP(S) sites, replaced hardcoded http links to dynamic protocols //

mappy 7.x-1.5

Bug fixes
New features

Fixed bug with Mappy Filter in entityform.
Now Mappy also have [mappy] token, same functionallity as filter-token.
If you don't see map, just resave the block\page where you using token\filter.

mappy 8.x-1.0-rc1

First stable release for Drupal 8. Works same as on Drupal 7.

mappy 7.x-1.4

New features

- Added support for Yandex.Maps 2.1.x.
- Added ability to select, which version of Yandex.Maps API using.
- Added ability to setup maps with LAT:LONG parameters.

mappy 7.x-1.3

New features
Bug fixes
  • Clusters for Google.Maps.
  • Support multiply maps on the same page.
  • New method of insertion maps. Token (filter) [mappy:service address:''].
  • Administration interface.
  • Added default value for zoom, width and height (if user don't set).
  • All JS's reworked.
  • Google JSAPI load on when it needed.
  • Now you can chose which page load Mappy.js.
  • Attributes no more case sensitive.

mappy 8.x-1.x-dev

Changes since rc-1:
Issue #2866566 — Convert module to use short array syntax (new coding standard).

mappy 7.x-1.2

New features
Bug fixes

+ Added a new option for the scrollwheel google maps.
+ By xandeadx: Added new option type to google maps.
+ Fixed a bug where a tpl template files needed to write google, instead mappy: google. Now run both.

mappy 7.x-1.1

Bug fixes

Fix attribute for Google Maps.

Use 'zoomControl' instead 'zoom_control'

mappy 7.x-1.x-dev

Bug fixes

Changes since 7.x-1.6:
- Fixed ajax map duplication.

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