This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The maintenance helper provides features to assist site admins in performing maintenance on their site. It provides a restricted logins mode and allows admins to set a configurable message to appear on all pages of the site.

You need the maintenance helper module if:

  • You want to perform maintenance on your site that may cause errors, but you still want users to be able to read the site.
  • You want to migrate the site to a new location and let users of the old site know that they are on the old site and prevent them from logging in.


  • 6.x-2.x uses a "Restricted Logins" mode to control logins. Drush support is new in this version. New features will only be added to this version.
  • 6.x-1.x uses a "login to site" permission to control logins and is no longer actively developed.

Module Development Credits

This module was initially built by Growing Venture Solutions as a demonstration of module development for the Mastering Drupal series.

The screenshot on this page shows the configuration screen for the module.

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