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NEW: Port of Magazeen to the Fusion theme system with tons of new features is available in the 3.x branch! The Fusion base theme and Skinr module are required for the 3.x version.

Magazeen is a cool and modern theme with a stylish colour scheme, originally designed for Wordpress by WeFunction Design Agency, distributed by Smashing Magazine and originally ported to Drupal by zinv.

2.x Features

  • Fixed width with 2 columns
  • Standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS
  • Cross browser compatible and tested on IE-6, IE-7, FireFox, Opera

Note on Support: We are no longer supporting the 2.x branch, but are leaving it available until the 3.x branch is out of beta.

3.x Features

This theme is a subtheme of the Fusion Core base theme. Positioning and block styles are controlled through Drupal's UI via the Skinr module, which is required if you want to actually use styles. These styles and theme settings give Magazeen great flexibility and features. Learn more about Fusion.

Custom Skinr styles that can be applied to blocks, views and panels include:


The 3.x branch of Magazeen requires the following:

  • Fusion Core
  • Skinr


To install the 3.x branch of Magazeen, follow these instructions:

  • Download both Magazeen and Fusion.
  • Unpack them as usual within your themes folder. You'll see two themes in the Fusion folder -- Fusion Core (the base theme), and Fusion Starter (a commented starter theme for creating your own subthemes)
  • Enable Fusion Core and Magazeen on your themes page on
  • Set Magazeen as your default theme
  • Download and enable the Skinr module
  • You may need to give your administrator role Skinr permissions on


  • You can control many settings on Magazeen's theme settings page:
    • Settings include menus, fixed vs fluid page width, sidebar widths and position, breadcrumbs, typography, search results, and administrator/developer helper features
    • Superfish dropdown menus on the primary links can be enabled by selecting "Expanded" next to the parent menu item in your menu configuration
  • Go to your Blocks page at and place blocks into regions as desired, save your settings
  • When hovering your cursor over blocks, a gear icon will appear -- you can use this to get to the block configuration page for that specific block
  • On each block's configuration page, a "Skinr" section will appear, where you can set block styles.
  • Use these width and positioning options for blocks to configure your layout
  • Use the style options to set up different visual styles for different blocks

Customizing the theme

Don't edit the theme's CSS! See the included css/local-sample.css file for how to do overrides on the theme so that you can still easily upgrade later.

Unfortunately, you cannot subtheme Magazeen at this time due to a bug in Drupal (though if you're comfortable with patching Drupal we encourage you to review the patch in this issue and help fix the bug!).

Project information

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    The current maintainers are looking for new people to take ownership.
  • caution Maintenance fixes only
    Considered feature-complete by its maintainers.
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