Development Updates

The current version of the module now supports GELF or Graylog2 search and statistics for watchdog messages.

The 8.x-1.x-dev release doesn't supports GELF.


Logman is a module which provides a better UI for searching dblog and/or GELF based watchdog messages and includes apache log search. The UI is intended to provide easy search of log messages with more information. The UI can be used to search both the watchdog and apache log messages.

Module provides a UI on every page indicating count of number of dblog and/or GELF based watchdog messages grouped by severity.

Module also provides a statistics page with google column charts on dblog and/or GELF based watchdog and apache access log data.

Summary of features provided.
- Watchdog based log search
- Apache access log search
- Statistics page based on apache access log and watchdog log
- Page UI that appear on each (only for users with permission and can be disabled), as an alert for number of watchdog based log messages for that page grouped by severity.

This version of the module provides search and statistics facilities for watchdog messages logged in dblog or GELF.

Other similar modules and how Logman is different

Following are links to some the similar modules:

The views_watchdog and logging_alerts are available with D6 core, but views_watchdog provides a basic watchdog log browsing whereas logman watchdog search tool will provide extensive search on log messages. The logging_alerts is entirely different from logman as it provides email and web server based logging.

The watchdog_fitering and better_watchdog_ui is only available with D7 core. Still comparing with logman watchdog_filtering provides again basic kind of log search and better_watchdog_ui does provides better watchdog log search, however the logman is still different from these two modules as well because it not only provides extensive search on watchdog log messages but also includes features like apache access log search, statistics and UI on each page as an alert based on watchdog log.


Drupal Core with jquery_ui and date_popup module and one of the following:

  • Dblog
  • GELF and Elasticsearch Clients


Enable the module. Set your apache log path in the settings page of the module.

Project information