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This module is an extension to LoginToboggan
A Drupal 7 version is available now.

It prevents users from login in pre-auth state introduced by LoginToboggan.
Many modules are incompatible with LoginToboggans intermediate (login) state and also the permission situation becomes very complex to maintain and explain to users and customers.


This is a maintainable location for the mini module suggested by:
#771020: Optionally disable login capability for pre-auth users

You need this module if you want

  • Being able to specify a password on login
  • Have double opt in (email verification)
  • Preventing users in pre-auth state from login (during email verification phase)

We still hope this will be part of D7s LoginToboggan features. And we also hope drupal core will improve the registration process.

No further documentation yet.

Known problems

This module is compatible with everything we know of... We use it with logintoboggan and e.g. email_registration together.


A first D7 port was provided by smoothify.

Supporting organizations: 
Initiation, Drupal 6 development

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