Location taxonomize allows for the creation and maintenance of a 'Location Vocabulary' - a vocabulary which contains hierarchical location information (e.g. Country -> State/Province -> City). The data in the Location Taxonomy is updated every time new content is added.

Compatible with Location as well as Address Field

This allows for the automatic creation and synchronization of address/location based vocabularies, and thereby opens up this data to the wide range of Taxonomy functionalities and modules.


  • Create and maintain a Location Vocabulary populated and synchronized with data collected by either Location or Address Field
  • Customize the structure of your hierarchy. For instance, you could build structures like Country -> State -> City -> Place Name or Country ->City
  • If you already have a vocabulary you use for hierarchical locations, you can tell Location Taxonomize to use your existing vocabulary, which will then be automatically maintained and synchronized
  • Bulk import already-existing locations/addresses into the Location Vocabulary
  • Optionally attach Location Vocabulary terms to nodes with those locations automatically
  • Currently only supports one Location Vocabulary


To use with the Location module, you must use Location 7.x-3.x-dev. A 7.x-4.x version will be created once there is a stable Location 7.x-4.x release.

NOTE: Currently does not work with the Location CCK field. Support for this is coming (see #1331052: Taxonomize Location CCK field)
Compatible with Address Field 7.x-1.x

Other modules can use Location Taxonomize to "taxonomize" their location data. Modules that are doing this:

A D6 backport is not planned.

Setup & Usage Instructions

See the README

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