Little Helper Module Example


The Little Helper module provides a block that will display to the user random messages that an admin specifies. These messages can range from helpful tips to cute little sayings. The functionality of this module is similar to that of the MailChimp monkey.


  • PHP 5.2 or greater
  • The file module (included in core)
  • The image module (included in core)
  • The block module (included in core)

Using the Module:

It's pretty simple.

  1. Configure your helper's image and tips your helper will say at admin/config/user-interface/little-helper.
  2. Go to the block administration interface and look for the "My Little Helper" block to configure any block related settings.

You can also configure access permissions for the admin/config/user-interface/little-helper page.

There are some starter styles within the module but these can be overridden with your theme's css.


Thank you to Drupal Camp Toronto speaker Qasim Virjee and MailChimp for the initial idea of a cute little module that would blurt out nonsense to content creators.

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