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Linenumbers is a simple text filter which adds line numbering to content.

This module is especially useful when modules like Syntax highlighter and Geshi Filter are overkill and all you need is numbered lines for something simple like:

  • Poems
  • Legal documents
  • Screenplays
  • Dialogue scripts
  • Technical documents


Display style:
Choosing block will turn on line numbers for every html element and separate the line numbers from the content area.
Choosing inline will give the option to specify which HTML elements to give line numbers to. With inline, elements which are not specified are still counted however, their line numbers are not displayed. Also, as you might expect, the numbers themselves will be prepended to the specified tags.
Numbered elements:
Gives the user the ability to enter all the HTML elements for which to show line numbers in the format: p,h3,ol,h5,address. Currently, this is only usable with the inline setting of Display style.


  • Separate the line numbering from the actual content for better display and better overall performance.
  • Add configuration for various settings including line number size, border size, color, etc...

Known Issues

  • The information function contains no information.

Similar Modules

Both Syntax highlighter and Geshi Filter utilize line numbering.

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