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Limited Node Reference is a CCK node reference widget that allows users to select from a views-driven set of nodes that is limited by a given number of results and arguments when adding new content.

Useful if you want to provide users with X random nodes to choose from when adding content with out interfering with their ability to choose from a larger set of nodes when editing content.

Installation and Configuration

  1. Activate module
  2. Add a new Node Reference field to a content type
  3. Choose the 'Limited Select list' widget
  4. Define a 'view limit' in the field settings that will limit the number of options presented when users are adding new content
  5. Optional: Define arguments in the field settings that will be passed on to the view used return a list of nodes that can be referenced when adding new content
  6. Optional: Choose to display view details for available nodes in the field description
  7. Optional: Define a 'No Choices Message' to replace the regular field description when no choices are available from the currently defined view and arguments

Project Information