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In a nutshell, the LimeSurvey Sync module is a powerfull survey module on Drupal integrating in a user-friendly way the best free open source survey software : LimeSurvey.

Compared to the well known webform module : this module does everything that webform does and much more.
Specifically :

  • manage answers as nodes (allowing to manage access to answers),
  • store revisions (older versions) of answers,
  • make graph results availables,
  • manage huge surveys,
  • compare answers.

LimeSurvey Sync V3

The LimeSurvey Sync v7.x-3.x handles LimeSurvey datas as Entities (not nodes anymore).
All LimeSurvey datas are availables from Drupal.
If your start using the LimeSurvey Sync module, you should use this version.
Because of the significant new structure, there is no update script from 7.x-1.x. If you want to upgrade, you should do it as a fresh new start.
More information on the V3.
This version has a dependency to the Customizable entities module

The LimeSurvey Sync v7.x-2.x branch is not supported anymore.

Non exhaustive comparison between this module and webform :

Features The LimeSurvey
Sync module
webform *
manage all input elements (textfield, radio buttons, files, etc...) Yes Yes
userfriendly interface to build surveys Yes Yes
manage multilingue surveys Yes Yes
import surveys or answers Yes Yes
handle multipages surveys Yes Yes
manage anonymous surveys Yes Yes
confirmation emails Yes Yes
manage conditions Yes Yes
export results to csv Yes Yes
export results to professionnal formats (SPSS, R) Yes No
answers are stored as nodes Yes No
display real-time results as graphics Yes No
survey automatic translation (using Google API) Yes No
compare answers Yes No
manage huge surveys (thousands of questions) Yes No
automatically import users informations into results Yes No
manage quotas Yes No
store timing Yes No
various themes for surveys Yes No
compatibility with the queXML standard Yes No

* : webform and some extra modules enhancing it.

How does it works ?

  1. Surveys must be created from your Limesurvey admin interface,
  2. then be imported into your drupal site.
  3. When creating or editing an answer, your drupal site redirects the user to the completing form on your LimeSurvey site.
  4. The answer can be automatically imported after completion.

Note than you can choose to print the LimeSurvey form into an invisible iframe : the user will feel of staying on your Drupal site.

Exporting results or printing graphs are managed from your LimeSurvey admin interface.

Easy to install, no module required. Read the readme file for install instructions.
The testing interface helps to correctly configure the synchronization between your Drupal site and your LimeSurvey site.

The Limesurvey software is designed for surveys, but it can handle any simple or complex form, especially if you need to export results.
For example, reporting systems can use it.

Test it !

Try out a demonstration (v7.x-1.x).


This module is highly customable : more than 40 options, correctly set by default.
Thoses features can be enhanced by the compatibilty with famous Drupal custom modules:

  • Views in order to display last submited answers (as an example),
  • Rules in order to fire specific actions (as an example : sending an email on importing answers),
  • display the LimeSurvey form into a lightbox :


This module is available as stable version for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.
It is compatible with LimeSurvey v1 and LimeSurvey v2 (current stable LimeSurvey version).

Reporting bugs, questions ?

On the project official issues page.


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