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Note: If you are looking for Lightning Features in 8.x; see the 8.x-2.x branch of Lightning here.

This project contains the decoupled components that are maintained for the Lightning distribution project. You can add this project to your own install profile and build unique sites that leverage the power of Lightning.

Using Lightning Features (Drupal 7)

These Features can be used in an all-or-limited situation. Very few components rely on one another, so a developer should be able to craft sites built "on top of Lightning" using select Features from this project.

Add this package to your Drush make file:

; Lightning Features
projects[lightning_features][version] = "1.x-dev"
projects[lightning_features][type] = "module"
projects[lightning_features][subdir] = "contrib"
projects[lightning_features][download][type] = "git"
projects[lightning_features][download][branch] = "7.x-1.x"

Depending on the Lightning Features you choose to use, you may also need to patch Drupal core.
See the Lightning distro make file for a list of patches used in building core for Lightning Features.

For more on the concept of using Lightning Features: Read this documentation.


Building on top of Lightning in D7? Use the Lightning Features in your project.
Looking to evaluate Lightning? Try our installation profile: Lightning

Development on & Github

We are actively working on this project both on and GitHub. The repository is mirrored at -- We review PR's and D.O. patches alike.

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