This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is the central registry of library definitions for the Libraries API project (>= 8.x-3.x). It has multiple purposes:

  • Centrally hosting library definitions. Most Drupal instances with Libraries API 8.x-3.x will transparently use this project's codebase as a remote endpoint when locating and fetching library definitions (the metadata needed to properly load and manage libraries that contrib modules depend on).
  • Assisting developers in the creation and management of library definitions. This project, and the entire library registry it contains, can also be downloaded for local manipulation by developers just like any other module. Library definitions can then be added and updated via a standard git and patch workflows here on This allows changes to be easily shared back to the centrally hosted repository. Tools to help convert definitions from 7.x-3.x structures are also included.

Module Developers: Contributing to this common registry

If you are developing a module using the version 8.x-3.x of the Libraries API project then the library your module depends on will need to have a portable definition file available. All of the specifics regarding how definition files are used in local and remote registries can be see in the Libraries API documentation. Generally speaking however, once you are ready to distribute your module (e.g. as a contrib project on, you will simply need to make sure your definition is registered as part of this central registry project for universal access.

First you should check the current list of definitions in the central registry. If a definition file already exists, and it does not need to be modified, then there is nothing more that you have to do. However, if no definition exists in this central registry, or the one you find needs some form of an update, follow these steps:

  1. Check that there is not already an open issue related to the library definition that you want to add or modify.
  2. Download the full registry (this project) locally, either manually or via git. Though this project does contain some administrative module components that can be "installed" on a Drupal instance, that's not typically necessary. So you can clone/download the contents to any local location.
  3. Within the /registry/8 directory of the download simple add or modify that appropriate json definition file while using the Library definition structure documentation as a guide.
  4. Open a new issue that justifies the addition or change that you want to make to this registry. This may be as simple as "I'm working on a project that depends on a library that is not yet represented in this central registry".
  5. Attach your addition or change to the new issue as a patch, just like you would with any other contrib project here on Be sure to mark the issues as "Needs Review".
  6. Your patch will go through a standard review process before being committed into the registry.

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