This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Concept and differences to other LDAP modules

LDAPcontrol module provides an API to control data structures on a LDAP server.
There are some LDAP modules like "LDAP" and "Simple LDAP" which focus on letting Drupal users authenticate against a LDAP Server and partially do some data synchronizations including creating and modifying LDAP users. If you need a more flexible module to manipulate LDAP data this module is helpful. It was primary developed to be on top of a security structure where a Drupal system controls the access to other Resources. Because of this the usage two- or multifactor authentication is recommended.
You can control access to any System which can be configured to authenticate against LDAP like XMPP, Webserver, Private Clouds, and even other Drupal Systems with the named modules above.
Since D7 version the user synchronization is improved but moved to a new module called LDAPcontrol UserSync which is not very flexible but an example how you can build your own implementation if it doesn't fit your needs.
Currently LDAP control is programmed to control just one LDAP Server and obviously needs write access to the data structure where it should change something.

Complexity and main configuration

This module is just providing an API. Only install if another module is asking for.
Because LDAP is very complex itself and since this module is just an API module which is not usable for the normal site builder this module has not many settings. Any integration is done via hooks for example in a custom module.
The main configuration especially the connection Details are done with $conf variable in "settings.php":

$conf['ldapcontrol_server'] = 'ldaps://';
$conf['ldapcontrol_port'] = 636;
$conf['ldapcontrol_bind_dn'] = 'cn=Drupal,ou=Admin-Users,dc=example,dc=com';
$conf['ldapcontrol_bind_pw'] = '*secretpassword*';

D6 Features (not integrated any more in D7)

The main feature of LDAPcontrol is creating user data on LDAP server.
It's integrates with LDAP integration:
For D7 this functionality is moved to LDAPcontrol UserSync.


The initial D6 development of this module was influenced by my work for Q-Online in 2011 especially the DLSconnect module.

The module is actually developed and tested with Open LDAP ( on Centos 7.

The module is developed and maintained by Carsten Logemann (Company: Nodegard GmbH)

Supporting organizations: 
First Develeopment of the D6 Version
D7 Upgrade and Maintenance

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