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Lazy registration implements lazy registration for Drupal.

Update: Drupal 5 and 6 versions are coming soon. We're also thinking of redesigning the module functionality so please voice your opinions on the issue queue.

It can create accounts automatically, purge them after a period of time, allow users to make them permanent by either email confirmation or a simple edit to the account.

The account is created the first time the user tries to access an area which requires authentication. There are two ways of handling a user trying to access a members only area:
- Automatically create a temporary account
- Display a login form with the option of continuing with a temporary account.

Users can confirm the account in two ways:
- By editing their account information
- By email confirmation to make sure people don't enter bogus email addresses

Email confirmation is still buggy.

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  • Last modified: 27 November 2014
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