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This modules is no longer maintained, you should use instead

Websites with lots of images on a single page might take a long time to load, and it sometimes annoys visitors. for fixing this problem this module loads only the images that are visible to or requested by visitors and the other images loads only when visitor scroll downs to them (This is the default behavior there are other options available live mouseover, mouseclick etc).

This module might also be useful for themes since it can be used for any image anywhere on the page.


New stable version for Drupal 6 (including several bug fixes , code cleanup) will be released soon 2010/01/17.
I'll release a full Drupal6 compatible in the next few weeks 2009/11/07.
Drupal 5 release is only for demonstration, do not use it on production site. it might be functional however but i'm not going to release any new version for Drupal5.

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Version 1.4 : [View] UNDER DEVELOPMENT

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Version 1.2 : [View] RELEASED

Version 1.1 : [View] RELEASED

Version 1.0 : [View] RELEASED

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