This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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Lat49 is the mapvertising system that brings geographically relevant advertising to users of online maps. Lat49 offers ads based on the zoom, latitude and longitude of any displayed map, updating the ads as the use scrolls and zooms around the map.

Lat49 also allows advertisers to place pins on your map specifying the exact location of the advertiser through their MapIt functionality.

This modules allows you skip the messy JavaScript integration and immediately place Lat49 ads onto your Drupal based maps.

Sponsored by: Pet Friendly Hotels.


*Integrates with the GMap module which displays map based ads on your Google maps.
*Choose which corner of the map you want to display ads on.
*Global on/off switch to display ads without turning off the modules.
*On/off option of MapIt ability.
*Five blocks included for different ad sizes that can also display geo-locate Lat49 ads.


* Implement cycling ads options through Lat49.
* Allow for alternative div ID to place ads into (in case of custom theming).
* Integrate with Yahoo Maps (possibly through Node Map module).
* Integrate with any Google Maps implementation, not just the GMap module.

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