Make URL aliases language independent.

Drupal 8 contains advanced URL alias management, allowing for URL aliases dependent on the currently selected language. This can however, depending on the language setup of the site be confusing for users that often expect URL aliases to be global.

This module decouples URL aliases from the language system, making URL aliases independent of the language of the session (user selected, site configured) and content (node language, etc).

If the module is installed on an existing site, all URL aliases that is not language neutral will be totally hidden. The paths will not work, they will not show up on node edit and they will not be listed in the URL aliases admin pages. But they can be resurrected by uninstalling the module.

For permanent usage, it's recommended to either clean out non-language neutral aliases before installing the module, or run "UPDATE url_alias SET langcode = 'und' WHERE langcode <> 'und';" in the database, to bulk change them to language neutral.

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