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Automatically downloads and updates your translations by fetching them from localize.drupal.org or any other Localization server.

Integrating with git checkouts

This module is based on concepts very similar to Drupal core's update module. Modules and themes with their corresponding drupal.org projects are identified and translations are downloaded for the appropriate versions. If you use git checkouts instead of package tarballs or zip files, use Git deploy module, so projects and versions are identified properly.


This is a backport of the Drupal 8 (core) Interface translation update code.

It has improved performance for translation update. Especially for large translation files, both with manual update and with cron updates. The usability of the translation status page is improved.
If you migrate from 7.x-1.x, make sure you read the release notes and README.txt about the changed .info file parameters.


This version is stable but has known performance limitations (see below). Bugs reported for this branch will be fixed, but no new features will be added.

This branch has know performance issues. Combinations of many modules, large translation files, a slow server and a slow internet connection can result in PHP timeout errors. (#569004). Problems have been reported with installation profiles containing Localization Update module. These problems may be caused by the order in which modules are enabled.

Related projects

  • Localization client, on page translations that can be automatically submitted to the translation server.
  • Localized Drupal, an install profile that will download translations automatically.

This module is based on Open Atrium translation updates.

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