The 'Koumbit Platforms (kplatforms)' project is a package that allows you to create ready-made platforms for the Aegir hosting system. Just download it and run a single shell command.

The package contains:

  • Script 'kplatforms.sh'
    Used in the command line interface (shell) to create your platforms for the Drupal flavor of your choice, the script calls drush make for you with the makefiles you specify. See usage and examples at Creating platforms with the script 'kplatforms.sh'.
  • Makefiles
    Used by the script, these hold all the information needed to construct a Drupal installation. They contain more than 400 selected modules, themes, libraries, profiles, features, cores and distributions. They are a spaghetti of information used to give you a tasty platform on a silver platter. Look at the menu: Inclusions and distributions and Creating platforms with the stub makefiles.


The Drupal Administration Guide contains full documentation for the 'Koumbit Platforms (kplatforms)' project. This includes detailed installation and operation instructions.


All Drupal core versions are available through the same package instead of each one having its own branch. That means, when you download kplatforms-8.x-1.x or higher, you get the makefiles to install Drupal 8, 7, 6 and 5.

New releases

Koumbit regularly updates the makefiles to maintain the platforms up to date. New stable releases usually come out on the Thursday following the last Wednesday of each month. This schedule follows the Drupal core schedule.

Koumbit reserves the right to not do an update for valid reasons and/or to do an emergency update at any time it deems appropriate (ex.: significant security issue, websites' stability).

Requesting a new module or a patch

To request the addition of a new module, theme, library, profile, feature or distribution, please open an issue (module pre-filled form).

To request the addition of a patch on an included module, theme, library, profile, feature or distribution, please open an issue (patch pre-filled form).


This project has been developed and is maintained by Koumbit, an organization specialized in Aegir services, web hosting and website development. Visit http://www.koumbit.org for more information.

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