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Due to lack of usage there seems little point in continuing to maintain this module.

Contact me if you want to maintain it.

What It Does

This module adopts the known (or recognised) user concept, like you see on websites like eBay and Amazon, where a user who has previously logged in to the site is remembered by a cookie. In the case of this module, the site administrator can optionally assign a role to known users, extending their permissions to do some things that are more than an anonymous user can do.

As an example, with a site I'm working on you have to login to download files. However, for "remembered" known users we don't want them to have to login just to get a file - that's annoying - so we'll create a 'known user' role, set it as the role for known users to receive (in admin/user/known-user-role) and allow it to download files. That means you don't have to login fully to download files, but you must have logged in at least once on that computer in the last 30 days.

Known Issues

  • The "welcome back" login block will not work consistently with page caching enabled - this is now fixed by a JavaScript solution in the development snapshot, but it is not part of a release yet as I would like to see this as an option. For now, if you want the "standard" behaviour then use 6.x-1.2, if you want a JavaScript welcome back block which bypasses the caching issues, use the dev snapshot.

Current To Do List

  • Make the timeout period an admin setting, rather than hard set to 30 days
  • Add an admin option to clear the page cache on page load for known users

Raise a feature request if you would like to add to this list.

Sponsors & Developers

Created by Greg Harvey -
Sponsored by Code Enigma -

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