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Do you want to be #1 in search engine results? Want to be in the top 10 listing for more than one set of keywords? This module is for you.

My business has a problem. We have a product that we would like people to be able to find from various search queries:

  • Odor Neutralizer
  • Odor Control
  • Odor Removal
  • Odor Eliminator

Google is pretty smart, it can figure out that similar words should be show in the same results, such as "Removal" and "Remover". Unfortunately, it won't group search results for more distinctive words like Neutralize and Eliminate.

This means you either need to stick with one search keyword or manually duplicate your content and modify it to include different keywords.

Until Now! Keyword SEO will dynamically generate pages with your keywords. It's easy to use.

After enabling and configuring the module, you will be presented with two fields attached to each page. The first field where you type the keyword phrase that is already present in your content. The second is where you put the keyword phrases you would like to replace the first field. It works like a "Find and Replace" feature of a text/code editor.

The result will be new dynamically created pages for each of your keyword phrases. If you go to, this module will show the content with "Odor Removal". If you go to, this module will show the content with "Odor Control".

Get Involved - Todo List

#986422: Create Fields for Find and Replace Search Phrases
#986424: Generate Paths for Search Phrase Replacements
#986426: Create Filter that Finds and Replaces Keyword Phrase
#986428: Make Pages Crawl-able by Search Engines

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