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Karmacracy is a democratic system that measures the audience of people by counting clicks from the links they share on social networks. When a link is shared, it is replaced by a link to a shortener. All the traffic generated through this shortener is bound to the person that created the link; thus, counting kclicks (clicks that carry karma).

This module provides an integration between Drupal and Karmacracy.

Current features

  • Allows you to insert the Karmacracy widget in your Drupal site in an easy way.
  • Integration with Shorten URLs module for easily shortening URLs using kcy.me, the url shortener service of Karmacracy. (new in dev version!)
  • Karmacracy widget settings per content type. (new in dev version!)


  1. Download and install the module as usual.
  2. Go to Administration » Configuration » Web services » Karmacracy, and set up the widget.
  3. Alternately, you can enable the Karmacracy widget block on the Blocks administration page.


Author and maintainer:

This module is not made by the creators of Karmacracy. This module has been developed by the author with the API that they provide. The logo is trademarks of Karmacracy.

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