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This module provides an integration between the popular Juicebox HTML5 responsive gallery library and Drupal. Juicebox is in many ways the successor of Simpleviewer and offers a powerful cross-device solution for image galleries, sliders and more.

The Juicebox library, which is distributed, maintained and supported separately from this Drupal project, is:

  • Based on HTML5 and supports "universal playback". This means it can run on nearly any device and supports multiple input methods (touch gestures, etc.).
  • Fully responsive so galleries can dynamically re-size and adapt to different browser sizes.
  • Powered by a lightweight javascript library.
  • Very friendly to "Create once publish anywhere" (COPE) concepts such that galleries managed in one system can also be embedded in other front-ends (e.g., headless Drupal).
  • Free (though not open source). A "Pro" version is also available that adds some special features.
  • See more features...

This Juicebox module integrates with the library and allows you to turn arbitrary Drupal image data into Juicebox galleries. It includes:

  • A field formatter that allows image and file fields to be formatted as Juicebox Galleries (individual nodes/entities can contain Juicebox galleries).
  • A views style plugin that allows content and file views to be formatted as Juicebox galleries (groups of nodes/entities or files can become Juicebox galleries).
  • Robust integration with the Media and File Entity modules (7.x-2.x).
  • Multilingual support for both gallery content and the Juicebox interface (7.x-2.x).
  • Adaptive delivery of raw source images with support for the library's native "multi-size" image features and/or integration with the Adaptive image styles (AIS) module.
  • Search engine friendly content. Client-side javascript is involved in creation of the Juicebox HTML5 output but this module still ensures that everything is accessible to search engines and non-javascript devices.
  • Easy administrative control over nearly all Juicebox-specific configuration options.

Demos and Examples

Views demos with contextual filters showing multiple Juicebox galleries organized with taxonomy and a single view.


Before installing this module please download and install the required Drupal Libraries API module version 2.0 or above via http://drupal.org/project/libraries. Of course you will also need to download a recent copy of the Juicebox javascript library from http://www.juicebox.net/download.

Both the Lite (free) and Pro versions of the Juicebox library should work fine with this module. The one you choose will depend largely on how much formatting flexibly you require. The Juicebox download and examples pages provide some insight into how the Lite and Pro versions differ. Please remember that this module is not affiliated with the Juicebox library itself, and its maintainer does not benefit in any way if you purchase a "Pro" license.

Full step-by-step installation instructions can be found in the module documentation.

Usage and Configuration

This module integrates with Drupal on many levels but conceptually it operates just like any other display formatter. It's designed to let you easily turn groups of Drupal-managed image data into Juicebox galleries without making too many assumptions about how your site is structured or what media management strategy you use.

If you want to add galleries to individual nodes/entities you can use the Juicebox field formatter (this is probably the easiest option to setup and manage). Or, if you need to group image data from multiple nodes/entities/files into galleries, and leverage the flexibility of views to organize everything, you can use the Juicebox views style plugin.

Step-by-step directions and additional information can be found in the module documentation, which includes dedicated pages for the field formatter and the views style plugin.


The 8.x-2.x branch now has full feature parity with the 7.x-2.x branch of the module and compatibly with a stable Drupal 8 core (RC1 or greater). In that regard it should be feature complete and stable enough for real-world usage and testing. Note that some bugs undoubtedly remain and some test coverage is still pending.

This module and its maintainer are in no way affiliated with Simpleviewer Inc., the company behind Juicebox. No endorsement is expressed or implied.

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