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Javascript Tools provides a common set of methods extending those available in Drupal core (drupal.js) for Javascript and AJAX module development in Drupal.

Note: you should not install this module for Drupal 6 unless it is required by another module.

Note: As of Oct. 20, 2009, the 5.x version is no longer supported.

Prior to Drupal 6, Javascript Tools included an integrated set of Javascript and AJAX modules. For Drupal 6, modules previously part of Javascript Tools now have the following separate projects:

Active menus, (requires Javascript Tools 6)
Collapsiblock, (requires Javascript Tools 6)
Active edit, (prototype only as yet, not usable)
Ajax submit,

Install Javascript Tools 6 only if you use Active menus or Collapsiblock or another module that requires it.

There are no current plans to update the following to Drupal 6:

Active search: the approach is awkward and hard to maintain and there are now other AJAX searching approaches.
Dynamic load: See the Asynchronous module for Drupal 6.
Jscalendar: The JS library it integrates is obsolete and unmaintained; there are jQuery alternatives available. Look at the jQuery popup calendar that comes with the Date Popups submodule of the Date package.

Currently available in the 5.x stable release

  • Activeedit
    Provides three types of AJAX editing: in place (click on a button to make e.g. text editable in place); links (click on a "add new comment" link to bring up an in-place form for adding a comment); and autocomplete (when there are no matches found, load a form in place to add a new record). All methods are implemented through hooks so that other modules can readily implement them.
  • Activemenu
    Activemenus makes the standard Drupal navigation menu expandable. Clickable, highlighted regions are added to the menu. When a collapsed menu item is expanded, the child menu items are loaded dynamically through AJAX.
  • Active Search
    Adds AJAX to core Drupal search. Known bug in Safari not yet resolved.
  • Ajaxsubmit
    Enables form submitting through AJAX.
  • Collapsiblock
    Makes all Drupal blocks collapsible.
  • Tabs
    The tabs module provides developer tools to produce client-side tabbed pages using the using the jQuery tabs plugin by Klaus Hartl, The Tabs module is co-maintained by Wim Leers.
  • Jscalendar
    Popup calendar library using the Jscalendar library. To use, simply add a 'jscalendar' class to a textfield. As the Jscalendar library is no longer maintained, this module is deprecated past Drupal 5. There are jQuery-based alternatives.

5.0 compatible, but not stable, and therefore left out of the stable release:

  • Dynamicload
    The Dynamicload module provides methods for dynamically loading selected page content without page refreshes. Includes dynamic loading of blocks.

These modules were in the 4.7 version but were not updated:

  • Columns
    The experimental Columns module formats content into columns according to the CCS3 spec, using a CSS3 Multi Column library by Cédric Savarese. To use, enable the module and enclose node content in div elements with a class of "two-col", "three-col" or "four-col" for two, three, or four column layout.
  • Formcheck
    Based on code by m3avrck (see this issue), Formcheck warns users navigating away from forms about unsaved data. Admins can select which forms to attach the behaviour to.
  • TOC
    The TOC module generates a clickable table of contents for nodes, based on all h2 tags in the node body.
  • wForms
    Cédric Savarese's wForms is "an open-source, unobtrusive javascript library that adds commonly needed behaviors to traditional web forms without the need for any programming skill." The wforms module can be used for client-side multi-page forms, client-side form validation, and more.

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