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JSON server

The JavaScript server provides a JSON backend to the services module.

This means that you can access the outputs of any service in JSON, by POST-ing to a URL.

Drupal 7

This module isn't required for 7.x services 3.x supports json out of the box.


For documentation on the JSON server is available at

For more information about creating services, see the services documentation at

Note: this module requires the Services 2.x module.

Please test. This is a 2.x branch because of some new features and improvements.

  • GZIP support when available.
  • Code clean up.
  • API Change. json_load() has been renamed to json_server_load().

Important note

This module won't work with Services 3 versions for Drupal 6 or Drupal 7. Services 3 includes JSON support and this module will no longer be necessary.

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