jSlider Forms API screeshot

Development of this module is ceased in favor of SliderField, version 2 of sliderfield is a port of this module plus several more features. all users of this module can easily migrate to sliderfield. Please follow the instruction from README.txt

Module extends Drupal Forms API by adding new element transfer_slider to it. It allows to add two digital text fields that provides jQuery UI slider range functionality.


Just add new form element with transfer_slider type:

$form['slider'] = array(
  '#type' => 'transfer_slider',
  '#title' => t('Slider'),
  '#left_value' => 0,
  '#right_value' => 200,
  '#left' => t('Left'),
  '#right' => t('Right'),


6.x branch depends on jQuery UI


Initial development: Roman Grachev
Futher development: Maslouski Yauheni

Project Information