jQuery Popupwindow turns any desired link into a popup window. After installing the module, you can simply add new 'presets' for links of the class you wish at /admin/settings/jquery_popupwindow, such as for 'a.print', and then set the options you wish (such as width, height, resizable, scrollbars, etc). You can add as many presets as you wish, and you can separate link classes within the same preset with commas (i.e., 'a.print, .menu a').

If you wish, you can access the jQuery plugin manually, using the instructions at http://rip747.github.com/popupwindow/.

Original plugin found at http://rip747.wordpress.com/2008/01/22/popupwindow-v200-now-available/ and http://rip747.github.com/popupwindow/

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