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jQuery Eye Candy is a javascript wrapper module for several jquery plugins that handle appearance functions like rounded corners, drop shadows, and gradients. Using this module enables using these jquery plugins on all pages or selected pages without having to edit any theme files. Usage is not complicated, but some basic jquery familiarity, for specifying the jquery statements required to use the individual plugins, is helpful.

Currently Supported jQuery Plugins



  1. This module requires the jquery_plugin module for D6
  2. This module requires one or more of the following jquery plugins (you only need to download the plugins for the functions you wish to use):


Installation of this module is somewhat more involved than a typical drupal module. Be sure to read the installation instructions in the README.txt thoroughly.

Additional jQuery Plugins

Suggestions for additional jQuery plugins to support are welcome. Create a "Feature Request" in the issues queue with a link to the desired plugin.

In order to be added to the module, plugins must be:

  1. stable (I don't want to get into the business of supporting buggy jquery plugins)
  2. related to appearance / presentation (afterall, the name of the module is "jQuery Eye Candy", lol)

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