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Sample jQuery code in a theme for anyone learning jQuery.

This code is based on the "jQuery for Themers and Designers" session at various Drupal events. You can get the accompanying slides at, watch the DrupalCon Paris video from, and read my post-session commentary at

The Drupal 6 version requires the jQuery UI module.

This theme is not intended to be a useful theme for live websites, but is for demonstration purposes only. For that reason it is a sub-theme of Garland.

To see the jQuery demos, go to user/register and interact with the name field of the form. Also try re-order the blocks in the left sidebar by clicking and dragging their titles. You might need to add some blocks to that sidebar first.

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Commercial support

The author of this module is available for hire. Contact Bevan.


This module was partially sponsored by CivicActions.

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