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Convert from Joomla! to Drupal.

Latest update

- Historically, this module was used to migrated a large Joomla! website to Drupal. The approach was iterative development: fast migration of content, write update functions to migrate other features. Therefore this module uses low level APIs to quickly create content (in dozens of minutes, instead of days).

- Today, modules like Migrate (and maybe, Features) give you much better experience, with incremental migration, update modified content... using Batch API, Queue API etc. so time is no longer a problem.

- Thus, this module is obsolete and won't receive any support or commit. Please use Migrate, with a little of custom code, you can migrate a complexed Joomla! website with content, forum, K2 etc. fairly quickly.


  • Convert all users, contents, sections, categories, comments (with BBcode!)
  • Keep ID the same for users and contents, to help the migration easier with unchanged URLs
  • Support mosimage (if using Joomla! 1.0)
  • Use Batch API so that it works with very large DB for a minimal amount of memory
  • Support custom content structure like SOBI2
  • Designed to work on a new install of Drupal

Comparison with others

This module (J2D) was available even before the Joomla module (J) was created with its 5.x branch. The 6.x branch was created a year later. The whole discussion, and links to modules is given at

J2D is available, and has been reported to do the job well in the last two years. Therefore I create this project to easily keep a track of it. However, as I no longer use it, I'm seeking for a co-maintainer even my commitment is to fix all bugs.

The difference between J2D and J could be:

  • J2D supports comments (through the core comment) and SOBI2 (through CCK). J does not, but it supports com_myblog.
  • J2D uses Batch API so that it works with very large DB for a minimal amount of memory. J does not and requires lots of memory.
  • J2D keeps user id, node id the same from Joomla! to keep URLs unchanged if they were SEO in the form of user/NNN and article/NNN.

  • J2D principle is: import, test, import (will clean old data), test... and can be disabled/uninstalled without problem. J principle is: import, test, import new content, test... and is designed to continue working on production environment, you only uninstall it when you deleted your Joomla! site.
  • J is more popular, more widely tested and available in Drupal 5.x. It can recover a previous import thanks to hook_cron.


  • Comment import: if you don't use either JomComment or JComments, install JComments first, convert your comments then import to Drupal.

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